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IGNOU Grade Card 2023: Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) is a pioneer in distance education in India, offering a wide array of courses to students from various backgrounds. One of the most crucial aspects of an academic journey at IGNOU is the Grade Card. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore everything you need to know about IGNOU Grade Card 2023, from their significance to how they are calculated, and common FAQs to ensure you have a clear understanding of this essential document.

IGNOU Grade Card 2023

A Grade Card, in the context of IGNOU, is a document that reflects a student’s academic performance throughout their program. It provides a detailed breakdown of the courses taken, marks obtained, and the grades assigned. Here’s why IGNOU Grade Cards are significant:

  1. Academic Tracking: Grade Cards allow students to monitor their academic progress in real-time. They help students identify their strengths and weaknesses in various subjects.
  2. Degree Completion: A Grade Card serves as proof of course completion. It is required when applying for a degree or certificate after successfully finishing your program.
  3. Employability: For students planning to enter the job market, Grade Cards are often requested by employers to verify academic credentials.
  4. Further Education: If you plan to pursue higher studies, Grade Cards play a crucial role in the admission process of other institutions.
IGNOU Grade Card 2023
IGNOU Grade Card 2023

IGNOU Grading System

IGNOU employs a unique grading system different from traditional universities. To comprehend your Grade Card fully, it’s essential to understand how this system works:

  1. Grading Scale: IGNOU uses a 10-point grading scale, with the highest grade being ‘A’ (Excellent) and the lowest ‘E’ (Unsatisfactory).
  2. Grade Points: Each grade corresponds to a specific grade point. ‘A’ is equivalent to 5, ‘B’ to 4, ‘C’ to 3, ‘D’ to 2, and ‘E’ to 1.
  3. Course Credits: Your Grade Card will also display the course credits associated with each course, indicating the workload required for that particular course.
  4. Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA): CGPA is a crucial metric that represents your overall performance. It is calculated by summing up the products of the grade points and the course credits for all completed courses and dividing it by the total credits.

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How To Check IGNOU Grade Card 2023

There are two ways to access your IGNOU Grade Card 2023 online:

  1. Through the IGNOU Student Portal:
    1. Go to the IGNOU website: https://www.ignou.ac.in/
    2. Click on the “Student Zone” tab.
    3. Login to your student portal using your enrolment number and password.
    4. Click on the “Grade Card” tab.
    5. Enter your enrolment number and select your programme.
    6. Click on the “Search” button.
    7. Your IGNOU Grade Card will be displayed.
  2. Through the IGNOU Mobile App:
    1. Download the IGNOU Mobile App from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.
    2. Open the app and login using your enrolment number and password.
    3. Click on the “Grade Card” tab.
    4. Enter your enrolment number and select your programme.
    5. Click on the “Search” button.
    6. Your IGNOU Grade Card will be displayed.

If you have any problems accessing your IGNOU Grade Card online, you can contact the IGNOU helpdesk at 011-29572224.

How IGNOU Grade Cards Are Calculated

Calculating your Grade Card is not as complex as it may seem. IGNOU follows a transparent and systematic process:

  1. Course Marks: Your performance in each course is assessed through assignments, term-end exams, and practical exams, if applicable. Marks obtained in these evaluations are taken into account.
  2. Grade Assignment: Based on the marks obtained, the corresponding grade is assigned using the 10-point grading scale.
  3. CGPA Calculation: CGPA is calculated as mentioned earlier. It represents your cumulative performance over the duration of your program.
  4. Course Completion: To receive a Grade Card, you must complete all the required courses and meet the minimum credit requirements for your program.

FAQs About IGNOU Grade Card 2023

Let’s address some common questions students often have regarding IGNOU Grade Cards:

How can I check my Grade Card online?

You can check your Grade Card by logging into the official IGNOU website and navigating to the ‘Student Zone’ or ‘Results’ section.

How long does it take to receive a Grade Card after submitting assignments and exams?

The processing time for Grade Cards varies, but it typically takes a few weeks to a few months. You can track the status on the IGNOU website.

Can I apply for re-evaluation if I’m not satisfied with my marks?

Yes, IGNOU allows students to apply for re-evaluation within a specific time frame after the results are declared. There is a fee associated with the re-evaluation process.

What should I do if my Grade Card has errors or is missing information?

If you spot any discrepancies or missing information on your Grade Card, contact the IGNOU regional center or the concerned authority immediately for rectification.

IGNOU Grade Card 2023 are more than just a document; they are a reflection of your dedication and hard work in your academic journey. Understanding the grading system and how Grade Cards are calculated can help you make the most of your education at IGNOU. Remember, it’s not just about the grades; it’s about the knowledge and experience gained along the way. Your Grade Card is a tangible symbol of your accomplishments at IGNOU.

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